Colfax High alumna has 'Wicked' role with traveling company

By: Gloria Beverage, Gold Country News Service
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Courtney Iventosch, 25, is traveling with one of the New York musical touring companies of “Wicked,” the story of “Oz” told from the witches’ viewpoint. The 2004 Colfax High School graduate joined the company in Minnesota earlier this year. A member of the ensemble, she fills in when one of the women dancers is unable to perform. “I cover all nine of the female ensemble roles. I’ve gone on stage about 35 times,” she said. The challenge is the ensembles are divided into three groups: one focuses on dances, the other sings, while the third group “crosses over” — sings and dances. As a result, Iventosch must know all the ensemble routines. So, when she’s not on stage, Iventosch watches the ensembles from backstage – observing and memorizing the routines. “I don’t always know ahead of time when I’m going to be on,” she said. “I have to be ready to go on for somebody at any time.” Most of the time, she knows when someone will be on vacation or needs a personal day off. While she acknowledges her job can be challenging, Iventosch said she has the added advantage of knowing how the show fits together, rather than only seeing the production from the point of view of one role. Iventosch is also enjoying the opportunity to travel across the U.S. “I get to see places that I wouldn’t normally pick to go to, like Little Rock, Ark.,” she said. “I probably won’t ever go back, but I can say I’ve been there.” The members of the cast usually stay in locations close to the theater, often finding time to explore and sightsee. While performing in Arizona, Iventosch said, she and some members of the cast were able to attend workshops at the university. Iventosch is hopeful her contract with the touring company will be renewed. “I’m not ready to leave,” she said. “I love being on stage.” The daughter of Weimar’s Suzie and Leonard Iventosch admits she misses her family most, but also misses New York where she was living when she was invited to join the touring company. “I miss the access to classes,” she said. “I do much better when I have things planned.” After graduation, Iventosch studied theater arts at California State University, San Jose. Shortly afterward, she performed in several productions for the Contra Costa Musical Theater, including the lead for “42nd Street, the Lullaby of Broadway.” After that, she moved to New York and began auditioning for roles. She eventually landed the slot with the touring company. “In five years my goal is to be doing a show on Broadway,” she said. “I would love to be doing more lead roles. Part of me wants to go back to L.A. and pursue more films.”