Colfax High keeps career tech position

By: Gloria Beverage
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It was a roller coaster ride of a summer for Colfax High School Career Tech Bobbi Jo Forsyth. Following on the heels of the state’s budget cuts to schools, Principal Rick Spears was forced to make some difficult decisions this past summer. Positions for a part-time counselor and a vice principal were not filled when the individuals in those jobs retired at the end of the school year. The decision was also made to increase class sizes in freshman math (from 20 to 28 students) and English classes (now up to 34 students) as well as eliminate mailings to parents and cut custodial services and teacher materials. In July he informed Forsyth that her position was being eliminated. A couple of weeks later, however, Spears learned there were enough funds in the district’s School Improvement Program to bring Forsyth back onto campus. “I didn’t know (about the funds) when the decision was made,” Spears explained. “We’re very excited to have her back.” Forsyth, who has worked part-time for 10 years at Colfax High, has been responsible for organizing several popular events, including the Career Faire, Senior Interviews and personality assessments to help students plan their college and career paths. Although she’s back on campus, Forsyth knows she’s “safe for this year – at least.” Declining enrollment and additional cuts from the state have Spears anticipating additional, more painful, cuts in the spring. Enrollment is down – from 920 students last year to 892 registered at the beginning of the week – Spears reported. “The incoming freshman class is at 200,” he continued. “It’s the lowest freshman class we’ve had for a while.”