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By: Martha Garcia, Colfax Record Editor
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The circle of life has brought me back to Colfax, my hometown, and the Colfax Record, where I got my start in newspapers. The publishers I worked for at the Record were Clint Haywood and Bud Pisarek. I was just out of high school and continued working in the newspaper business during college, so I learned the trade from the bottom up. I really got my degree from the School of Hard Knocks, learning by mistakes both large and small. Probably my biggest blooper at the Record was when I edited a story, changing “The hunters didn’t bring the buck home because it was diseased” to “The hunters didn’t bring the buck home because it was deceased.” How many hunters drag home live venison? Back then, I couldn’t even blame spell check. One of my first jobs at the Record was as a typesetter on an IBM Selectric typewriter. To justify columns, I typed a line once then re-typed it and added extra spaces in order to make it even on the right. The Selectric was replaced by newer technology: Justowriters that punched codes for letters on a tape similar to stock ticker tape. Corrections and adjustments were made, and the tape was sent through a second machine to print out the final corrected, justified galleys of type. I still haven’t forgotten the sound of the Justowriters, which looked like super-sized typewriters, as they hammered out the type and punched the tape. It was fast, noisy and messy because whatever you tried, you couldn’t keep those tiny yellow dots from spreading everywhere. That was “yesterday.” Now, we have the luxury of computers, which come with their own technological challenges. And with this issue of the Colfax Record, I begin my “new” job as your editor. If I know you, please stop by to reminisce about old times. If we haven’t met, I can’t wait to get acquainted with you, either in our office or yours, at your business, or at an upcoming event. I’ll be the one behind a camera with a reporter’s notebook in hand. I’m the editor, but the Colfax Record is your newspaper. I need your help to continue making it a reflection of the community. Please continue sending us all those news tips, photographs, announcements and event information. If you have access to a computer, please use our website to submit your news. It’s easy, quick and helps us organize our news gathering. A wise person once said, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” I’m discovering how true that is.