Considers banning guns dangerous

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The Colfax Record issue of Dec. 27 contained two misguided letters on gun control (Radley McCord and Kim Myers). After nearly three decades of being a peace officer I have to tell you. Popular myth, political leaders, Hollywood and other factions in society haven't led you to the truth of "gun control."

Two days after the Newtown, Conn. tragedy, there was another shooting in San Antonio, Texas. The active-shooter ran into an off-duty San Antonio officer who stopped his rampage for him! No other casualties, so the media won't cover it. That officer joins the ranks of a private citizen who shot the attacker of an Early, Texas officer; an officer who stopped the Salt Lake City Mall active shooter; a security officer who stopped an attack at New Life Church in Denver; a private citizen who stopped the Portland Mall shooter; and a security agent who stopped a shooter at LAX El Al Airlines. There are a huge number of cases where guns save lives, but political agendas won't tell you that.

Alarms and cameras, nor even physical barriers are "crime deterrents." Calling 911 won't help until police arrive on scene, and make their way inside with their weapons to "protect you!" Gun control isn't really about guns. It's about control of people. All the people, all the time.

The Second Amendment means what it said! Gun bans are dangerous at best. Deadly at worst!

Rocky Warren, Colfax