Coroner determines Auburn student's Davis dorm death a suicide

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A 21-year-old UC Davis student from the Auburn area died from a self-administered, lethal dose of over-the-counter medicine, the Yolo County Coroner’s Office has concluded. Alexander Nelson Goldschneider, a 2008 Bear River High School graduate and a junior studying human development, was found dead in his off-campus dorm room March 8. Authorities said after the death that there was no evidence of foul play and no visible bruises on the body. Chief Deputy Coroner Anthony LaBrash said Thursday that blood toxicology tests have since determined that Goldschneider’s death was a suicide caused by an overdose of a combination of ibuprophen and diphenhydramine. Ibuprophen is a pain reliever while diphenhydramine is an antihistamine sold under trade names such as Benadryl. – Gus Thomson