Disappointed with council's decision

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I am very disappointed that three Colfax City Council members voted to move the Farmer's Market! It would seem that they wish to completely stop one of the best events that Colfax hosts. They have continually picked on the Farmer's Market and thus have alienated the folks who put this wonderful little event together. This annual Farmer's Market is small town Americana at its best! Last year there was talk of moving it, but letters were submitted and there was a consensus from the farmers that this one little block was the best venue. And, as I understand it, the Fire Department and the Sheriff's Department have all said there are no safety issues with closing this one block once a week. Have you ever stood over in the parking lot of the freight depot on a hot summer day? There is no shade. There are no trees. We would be much closer to the trains and there are no trees or shrubs to provide a barrier against the train traffic and noise. Once a week, for six months, your often-quiet town comes alive. It's such a positive event! It literally gets people into your town. Sadly, it's often the only reason some folks ever come into Colfax. They should be courting the Farmer's Market, not pushing it away... They've certainly effectively shut out the Friends of the Colfax Library from one of our best fundraisers ” our used book sale at the Farmer's Market (Feed Your Mind! Devour a Book! ) It's already been a challenge to haul our books from the library. Would they like to come and volunteer with us?? Our Colfax Library Manager, Gunda Pramuk, has children's summer events planned for the Lot of Art Park to coincide with this year's Farmer's Market. What fun that would have been. These great children's programs, which the Friends of the Colfax Library underwrites (thus our fundraising used book sales) will now be stuck in the park by themselves. To the three Colfax City Council members, please review this issue, talk to the farmers, and then consider changing your vote! Heidi Johnson President, Friends of the Colfax Library