Down Thru The Years: Corner store also undertaking parlor

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Editor's Note: Al Benjamin, oldest living resident of Colfax, told this story to Record Publisher/Editor Scoop Thurman in 1946. In the early days before Colfax had an undertaking parlor, the town undertaker was a member of the firm, which ran the old corner store “ the first store opened in Colfax. The place is now occupied by the Purity Store. In those days the funerals were held either from the church or the home of the deceased. The driver of the grocery delivery wagon, whenever there was a funeral, would decorate the truck with black and white crepe and would put plumes on the heads of the horses. He would then transport the casket to the church or to the home where the service was to be held and then head he funeral procession to the cemetery. As soon as the funeral service was over, he would drive back to the corner store, remove the plumes and crepe and start loading the truck with groceries for delivery to his customers. The late George West was the first undertaker to give Colfax a modern funeral home.