'Friends' seeking free rent from Placer County

Letter to Editor
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On Dec. 8 at 9 a.m., the Board of Supervisors will decide if Friends of Placer County Animal Shelter gets to remain in the facility we have used as a cat shelter for eight years, free of rent. In exchange for free rent, the Friends took in hundreds of cats from the county shelter every year. In fact, 98 percent of all the cats that we care for are from the County animal shelter – reducing needless euthanasia is part of our mission. Starting in fall of 2008, the County’s Facility Services Department required the Friends to pay $830 per month in rent thereby ending this mutually-beneficial relationship. In a letter to Facility Services we identified nearly $1.3 million of taxpayer savings over the last 10 years as a result of assistance we have provided to the county’s shelter. When the county shelter ran out of room or the animal becomes sick, the Friends would step in at the County’s request to transfer the animal(s) into our program. That alleviates the county’s responsibility for medical and daily care expenses in addition to opening up valuable kennel space in an otherwise functionally obsolete facility. And while the county affords other non-profits free rent or pays non-profits for services they provide to augment the county’s programs, it would be appropriate for the Board to extend free rent to the Friends. For more information, visit, including the letter to Facility Services. We hope you will come to the meeting on Dec. 8 to show your support for this important, life-saving program. Rosemary Frieborn, Friends of Placer County Animal Shelter