Garden tour has an artistic side to it

Six gardens will be open to the public on Aug. 27
By: Martha Garcia, Colfax Record Editor
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Visitors who take the Colfax Garden Club’s Garden Tour coming up Saturday, Aug. 27, will not only see six unique gardens, they’ll also get to enjoy the work of local musicians and artists. The gardens, which will be open to the public from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. next Saturday, are located in and around Colfax, from Canyon Way in Colfax, up to the Cape Horn area, and just a few miles down Highway 174 to Rollins Lake and Grass Valley. Showing her work at the Rapini Garden will be Laurie Barrows, of Alta. Barrows, who works primarily in watercolor, said all of her work is local and done mostly while she’s walking, hiking, cycling or walking her dogs in Colfax, Dutch Flat, Gold Run and her home in Alta. “A lot of my work is pulled right out of my sketchbook; it always comes with me,” Barrows said. Barrows’ “real life” job is as a children’s book illustrator and designer, so when she paints, she paints for herself. “I try to capture the world around me and hidden places, open spaces, that are disappearing in Northern California,” including historical artifacts from gold mining days still on her property, she said. Barrows has an ongoing project that she calls the “front porch” series, of porches she finds welcoming. “I’ve been working on it for over 20 years … It’s paintings and drawings of front porches, usually on older buildings,” she said. Barrows runs the Art Can Heal program at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital and shows there once a year. She also participated in the Auburn Art Walk held Aug. 11; her work is on display through the first week in October in the office of Bukovina on Lincoln Way in Auburn. Performing at the Rapini Garden, as well as the Dove and Little gardens, will be Nancy Gudeman, and her daughter, Lisa, of Alta. “We were just going over our repertoire last night,” Gudeman said Tuesday. “We’ll play songs from musicals, a little bit of blue grass, a little bit of classical.” While Gudeman has been playing for more than 30 years, she said Lisa just started two years ago. The 16-year-old takes guitar lessons from Rob Bonner of Rainbow Music in Colfax and will join her mother in singing during the garden tour. Gudeman said she plays whenever people ask her. “I just love to make people happy,” Gudeman said. “There’s something about music; it helps connect people,” especially when she plays at retirement homes and for the homeless at Christmastime in Sacramento. “We have a barbecue in a park and play and sing Christmas carols with them.” Other artists and performers include photographer David Crosby, at the Bigley/Mathe Garden; guitar by Jamie Kolbeck and congas and percussion by Bill Gallaher, at the Dove Garden; quilter Suzanne Maguire of Whistle Stop Quilts and stained glass by Thad Little, at the Little Garden; photography by Amie Toepfer, harp by Anna Rose Opheim, and guitar by Jamie Kolbeck, at the Rapini Garden; ceramics by Julianne Smith, watercolors by Barbara Hoffman, and watercolor and oil painting by Charlie Iveson, at the Munroe Garden; and ceramics and garden art by Corinne Kedinger, paper art by Teresa Jorgenson, jewelry by Lydia Bailey, and harp and cello by the String Sisters, at the Petzing Garden. Tickets for the garden tour can be purchased now for $12 per person, or for $15 the day of the tour. In Colfax, tickets are available at Evangeline’s, Whistle Stop Quilt Shop, Mane Tamer, Hills Flat Nursery, Colfax City Hall and the Colfax Area Chamber of Commerce. Eisley’s Nursery and Yamasaki Nursery in Auburn also have tickets. On tour day, tickets will be available at Roy Toms Plaza, at Main and Grass Valley streets. Proceeds support garden club community projects, which include a youth garden. For more information, call Jewell DeLapp at 346-8149 or Zee Baird at 389-7065.