Grandma uses prayer power

Reader Input
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I have read with interest the articles about phone call scammers. I, too, could have become a victim. I received a call from “your grandson.” I said, “Which one?” He said, “Don’t you know me?” I said, “Well, it must be ____, right?” “Right,” and the conversation continued. He had received a plane ticket to attend the wedding of a friend up in Toronto. He had had an accident, had a drink before driving and was now in jail. I couldn’t call him back because he was in jail. He needed money to get home. Could I send him some? I asked how — and he said, “Well you have a credit card, don’t you?” I said for how much. He said $500. I told him he was talking to the wrong person, he would have to call his Opa. So that was it and we hung up. I thought, would he call Opa? I went out to his office and sure enough they were talking. Opa continued to question and I said, “Can I talk to him?” He handed me the phone. I said, “Son, we can’t help you. That’s a lot of money, but we can pray for you.” I started to pray and soon there was a click. He was gone. Never to call back and it was the last such kind of call. Two days later, I saw my grandson and said, “Oh you got back from your trip.” He said, “What trip?” — “From Toronto!” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” End of conversation until later in the sitting room we began to talk about it. Two young ladies said, “Oh yes, my grandparents just got a call like that.” It’s a small world after all! Try prayer next time. It works. Clariss Smith, Auburn