A great support system for Colfax's small businesses

By: LindaLouise Haines
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Attention, small businesses?new or old: If you need help with banking services and solutions or more big-picture issues concerning your business, you might consider contacting Linda Maeding, Small Business Specialist at the Colfax US Bank office, Grass Valley and S. Main streets, 346-6211. She is one of the friendly faces representing our local full-service bank that also happens to be in the top five nationally. So, yes, US Bank is big but locally it is a friendly advocate for small business folks. When she meets with a troubled business owner, Maeding said she uses an individual assessment tool that pinpoints issues that can help to define what problems need addressing and how to remedy them. Her extensive services are available to current US Bank customers and prospective customers. She also does outreach to businesses in the area. Maeding has lived in Weimar since 1977 and has been in banking for 29 years. She has been specializing in small business issues since 2000. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a warm personality, so check out her services. Her direct line: 346-2827. Recently, we received numerous emails of testimonials of how the column has helped individual businesses. That is why Business Buzz came into being?to get the word out about local, especially new, businesses and to promote the overall Colfax business climate. We also got messages about how local businesses provide quality at a fair price. Here is one of those stories. From Roxanne D. Van Natta, Rosanne?s Stained Glass: ?Wayne from Colfax Glass, 150 S. Auburn St., just installed a custom-made mirrored closet door for us. He also built and installed a nice glass shower door for us. ?He does a great job for a fair price. But, like everything business is slow since much of his came from local building contractors.? Anytime a local business struggles or must close its doors, it is a sad day for the whole community. To stay open some businesses have to cut back on hours. That is also a blow to the local business district. So, what can we consumers do? Shop locally as a regular practice, of course. Every time a business is under stress, it means that their support of community activities has to be cut back and the whole community is diminished and may pay lower taxes. So, if only for reasons of personal benefit, please support our local businesses, so they can support you right back! Colfax Area Chamber of Commerce president, Frank Klein, adds this: ?I think, comparatively to business 15 years ago, today?s Colfax businesses are ?well? and especially in today?s economic climate. My visiting businesses and asking questions seems to come up with ?well.? All of them say they want more traffic and more business, always. ?It seems that locals are supporting the businesses, which needs to continue and increase. Overall the Colfax business community needs and wants more exposure, more foot traffic, and consequently more revenue.? Scott Wall of Wall's Heating & Cooling adds his comments to our ongoing list of locals? favorite businesses: ?Barron's Hair Care (520 S. Auburn St.). Walt is the only person to cut my hair in 20+ years) and Sierra Market (575 S. Auburn St.) for 25 years or so.? Which are your favorite Colfax area businesses? Email me, An addition to the list of oldest Colfax businesses: Colfax Record (104), Marson?s (81), RJ Miles (67), James Cox & Sons manufacturing (44), Robinson?s Real Estate (38), Mane Tamer Hair Salon & Calico Palace (35). Thanks for helping me with this list. The businesses named deserve the kudos! Are we still missing someone?