Greater fire safety relevant to us all

Reader Input
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I?m not sure whether to laugh at or cry for the misguided person(s) who is removing the Measure E election signs along Placer Hills Road. When the signs were initially vandalized by the double-sided taped ?NO? placed over the ?Vote YES?, a friend and I carefully removed the unwanted additions. Because the signs were on private property, I also reported vandalism to the Placer County Sheriff?s Office. What I find so amazing is that we do not live in a hurricane, tornado, or flood-prone region. We live in an area of high fire danger. Why there would be a negative response to helping to create greater fire safety is beyond me. Is the problem the small amount of money that is required per parcel, or is there just a mean-spirited and self-righteous, cantankerous grumblebutt behind the vandalism? I hope for your raised consciousness. Wake up! And if you have a legitimate argument against Measure E, speak up and own it. Lynne Sutter, Eden Valley