Hats off to organizers of McCollum concert

Letter to Editor
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Hats off to Rob and Chris Bonner for so quickly pulling together a brilliant musical concert event on March 1 to benefit the family of renown luthier Lance McCollum, who died just weeks before his 51st birthday. Sunday was his birthday, so the event was also a birthday tribute to a guy whose beautiful instruments have graced stages and captivated audiences across the country and around the world. A number of those guitars came back to Colfax to add their voices to the joyous sound that echoed from the Colfax Theater, through Basement Wines, on up to Evangeline’s Coffee Shop and back for the better part of the afternoon and early evening. Every one of the many performers I heard remarked from the stage about how impressed they were that Colfax was doing this for Lance’s family. There were easily just as many faces from out of town – in some cases a long way out of town – but for one rainy March afternoon the friends of Lance McCollum came together in Colfax to smile through the tears and sing his family through the hard times. If you weren’t there, you missed something special and memorable. Those of us who were there won’t forget it soon. The posters for the event described it as the first annual Lance McCollum Birthday Concert. The next time I see Rob or Chris I’m going to tell them that’s a great idea and offer to do what I can to help next year. If enough of us make the offer, who knows? Anything that was this good is certainly worth doing again. Will Stockwin Colfax