Have you tried a new or new to you Colfax business

Business Buzz
By: LindaLouise Haines
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I have to admit that I am disappointed no one emailed me with their experiences of trying a new Colfax area business since my Aug. 12 column. I hope that someone reading this column really has tried a new Colfax business recently. Maybe you just didn’t get around to emailing me? Take a chance and stop in to one business, whether it is new or just one you never visited before. You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t find something that meets your needs. Where to go? You can start by checking out the businesses that are members of the Colfax Area Chamber of Commerce ( Businesses are listed by category and alphabetically by name of business and by name of owner. What do you want to buy? Sort the list by category. The type of businesses will be listed alphabetically. You can also sort by business name or category. You can also try businesses that are not members of the local Chamber. Walk around town and take a chance. If you support your local businesses, they will support you. Give them a chance by trying them, especially the new ones. And, email me at with your experience. A NEW SPECIALTY to celebrate the first anniversary. What better way to celebrate a first anniversary than to offer a classic Greek meat sandwich! Gyros are now being sold at the Old Pharmacy Coffee House, 30 N. Main St., (305-4050). For those of us who aren’t familiar with Gyros, they are made with “mildly seasoned meat, sliced thin, folded in warm pita bread, sprinkled with freshly diced red onions and tomatoes and topped with Tzatziki yogurt sauce.” According to owner Elan Vitkoff, if you know Gyros, “You drool when you hear the name.” She started serving them this week, so start drooling! Elan has also expanded the rest of her menu with “Vegetarian Delights,” including Falafels, Dolmas, Tzatziki, Hummus Dip and Tabouli, plus her classic “Culture Plate.” Check out her webpage for her entertainment schedule and other upcoming special events ( A NEW BUSINESS is hosting this month’s Colfax Area Chamber of Commerce mixer. Miwok Inn Diner, 212 N. Canyon Way (346-8999) will host a business mixer from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 31. Mixers are open to all business owners and others interested in Colfax area businesses. We will mingle. eat great food provided by Miwok Inn, of course, and network (bring your business cards). There will be raffle prizes offered as well. For more information, check AND, THERE’S NEW VET on Main Street? People have been asking about the new vet clinic on Main St. I finally tracked down Tim Calvert, DVM. He expects to open the Calvert Veterinary Clinic in about a month in the old Freight Depot building, 7 N. Main St. (346-2266). Dr. Calvert is planning a grand opening, so watch this column for details in the next weeks. Finally, if you are a new business or an existing business with something new for sale or a new service, email me at I’d love to help you promote what’s new.