Healthy habits focus of event

By: Gloria Beverage, Colfax Record Editor
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By Gloria Beverage Colfax record Editor Members of Soroptimist International of Colfax are proud to be happy, healthy women. And they want to ensure that other women in the community have access to resources that will help them lead healthy lifestyles. That’s why they’ve scheduled a women’s health fair from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 16 at Sierra Vista Center, 55 School St. In addition to a wide variety of information on health care (physical and mental), exercise and nutrition as well as pampering services, there will be several short workshops. One of the featured speakers will be Grass Valley resident Robin Mallery, a registered nurse who will discuss “Heart Matters.” For the past 22 years, the registered nurse has been helping people to understand how to eat well, move their bodies effectively and quiet the mind. “I worked for 20 years at Sierra Nevada Hospital in the cardiac rehabilitation department,” she explained. “I realized that medicine is all about disease management.” Two years ago, she left her job at the hospital to branch out on her own to teach people how to “life in radiant health.” Her primary mission, she explained, is to encourage her clients to take small steps towards larger goals. “Science shows that our brain merely turns its back on big step behavior changes,” she said. “That’s what happens when we go on a diet or join a gym. Those kind of broad statements activate the ‘flight or fight’ response.” The work Mallery asks of her clients isn’t about deprivation. “It’s about what you can slowly invite into my life without asking you to give up the good stuff,” she said. At the women’s health fair, Mallery will explain what a fasting blood test reveals about cholesterol or pre-diabetes. Fifteen minutes prior to her presentation, Mallery will offer a blood test to anyone attending her workshop. She will also discuss how to move the body in an effective manner as well as how to quiet the mind. “When we begin to understand the motivation for some behaviors, you can begin to slow down and find healthy ways to soothe yourself.” For more information about Mallery, visit or call 477-2361. Colfax resident Mary Walker believes it’s possible to sing yourself into a healthy state of mind. She and the other members of Harmonious Combustion — Chicago Park resident Nan Geary and Grass Valley resident Linda Girton — will share the health benefits of singing. “I want to talk about how important it is that we follow whatever passions we have in life,” Walker said. And for the members of Harmonious Combustion, it’s all about singing. The trio has been meeting weekly for 15 years to sing and “work through whatever angst we have,” she said. “It isn’t about singing for anyone else. It’s about singing for oneself.” Many of the songs she has written were created while working in the garden. “For me, farming allowed me to start writing music. You start telling the story of what you’re seeing and turning it into a song,” she said. Most importantly, Walker has learned the importance of finding tour creative sides. “That’s our fountain of youth,” she said. While the focus is on women’s health issues, information on children’s health care will also be provided. Admission is free. _______ Good to Know What: Women’s Health Fair When: from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 16 Where: Sierra Vista Center, 55 School St. Hosted by Soroptimist International of Colfax