Highway Patrol assists disoriented driver

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California Highway Patrol officers assisted a disoriented driver found driving erratically on westbound Interstate 80 near Blue Canyon last Thursday morning. Officers Art Gutierrez and Chris Nave, responding to the report of a possibly impaired driver, contacted 57-year-old Jerry Baum of San Benito, who had stopped his vehicle on the highway. Officers were able to gather enough information to determine Baum was suffering from a medical condition that had made him disoriented. They contacted medical personnel and transported him and his vehicle to the Gold Run Area office. He was later reunited with his wife. “This is the second time in less than six months, in which Officer Gutierrez has assisted in locating a disoriented driver and helped return that person safely to their family,” noted Gold Run Area Commander Lt. John Arrabit. “Officer Gutierrez continues to exemplify the CHP's primary mission of providing safety, security and service to the citizens of the state of California.” Motorists are encouraged to report erratic drivers on the state's roadways. By using the 911 system, they can assist law enforcement agencies in preventing the tragic loss of life caused by drivers who are impaired.