Iowa Hill residents experiencing another fire

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Some of Iowa Hill's 115 full-time residents spent the night in the remote Placer County hamlet as the Robbers Fire burned near them. The fire started Wednesday about 3:30 p.m. in the American River Canyon between Colfax and Forest Hill. Thursday morning Priscilla Daniels, owner of the Iowa Hill Store, said she was confident Cal Fire would soon have a handle on the situation. However, changing winds altered circumstances later in the morning and Daniels learned that they would have to evacuate after all. ?I just heard that Iowa Hill is going to have to be evacuated and everyone will have to leave the store,? Daniels said. Daniels, who spent the night in Iowa Hill, had said earlier, ?It?s not as bad as the TV says; it?s not quite that dramatic. We?re on alert, told to get your stuff packed, but no, it was only the people from Kings Hill.? Daniels was in Roseville. She had left Iowa Hill earlier in the day and planned to work at her Penryn hair salon as usual. Daniels admitted that the situation is ?pretty scary, but CDF does such a great job.? From experience with previous fires, ?we totally expect them to have it under control,? she said. ?We had a CDF member who stayed there and kept everyone informed as to what was going on.? People looked after each other, too, she said. ?Everyone in the community checked on other people to make sure everyone was OK.? Daniels said Kings Hill is located between Iowa Hill and Yankee Jims, off Shirt Tail Canyon Road. Some Kings Hill residents who had left their homes earlier in the day were not allowed to return and stayed in teepees available at the store, she said. According to the Cal Fire website, overnight the fire grew to 220 acres and was burning in heavy brush and timber in steep terrain. In a noon update, the fire had grown to 317 acres. Evacuations remained in effect for homes off the Yankee Jims Canyon and Shirttail Canyon area, as well as parts of Iowa Hill. ? Martha Garcia