Joan Phillipe profile much appreciated

Letter to Editor
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Thanks for doing that wonderful up-close-and-personal article on Joan Phillipe two weeks ago. Joan has been so vilified, overly criticized and treated so unChristian-like (by that I mean the “Golden Rule” common to any religion). It was a joy to read something that reflected her hard-working, honest and dedicated nature on behalf of all the residents of Colfax, even the ones who spent much of last year accusing her of all kinds of terrible stuff. Over the years in my various reporting roles, I have had the opportunity to work closely and observe from the inside the work of folks in similar positions to the one Joan has here in Colfax. She is one of the most dedicated and talented city managers I have known. It can be a very unforgiving and stressful job, especially when well-intentioned, uninformed folks, who don’t know what is involved with the job and the myriad of changing government regulations that a manager must be familiar with, make accusations and speak out of anger at public meetings. That kind of behavior is counter-productive to working together to solve common problems. It only divides people rather than forming the necessary bonds for reconciliation and resolution. Now, more than ever, Colfax desperately needs all residents to work on our problems with a community spirit, as I believe our hard-working city officials, like Joan, are doing. LindaLou Haines Colfax