Leaders need to listen

Reader Input
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Re: (Call to Readers, Journal, Nov. 28): If I were to be elected as a leader whether it be local, state or federal, the first thing I would do would be to ask “We the People.” I would ask two questions, the first being “What basic needs are you without due to the economy?” Example: job and/or work, shelter, food, clothing, education, transportation and health care. I would ask when responding to this they include their age only, (children included) but not their race. The second question I would take to “We the People” would be “What are you expectations of me as your leader?” I ask that they respond as a citizen of the United State of America, but would also accept responses from those who are not citizens. I would ask that they omit their political, religious and/or any organized group affiliation. I would ask “We the People” to direct their response directly to me via e-mail, website and/or mail. All submitted responses would be read by me then posted on the official website “We the People.” As a leader how can one truly grasp what is needed and necessary to bring about quality life for all Americans unless one listens to them as individuals? Cherie Holm, Meadow Vista