Leave park geese alone

Reader Input
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The attack of Auburn Recreation District’s directors (Curt) Smith and (Scott) Holbrook against the semi-domestic geese in Meadow Vista Park was vigorously opposed by concerned Meadow Vista citizens at the Thursday night board meeting (Journal, July 29). They want to remove the geese, citing goose poop and aggressiveness as their reasons. The two ARD directors did not consider that Canada geese also occupy the park. While the semi-domestic geese stick around the pond, the Canada geese feed and defecate across the length and breadth of the park. Canada geese cannot legally be regulated by ARD. Neither Smith nor Holbrook recognized that the semi-domestic geese were introduced to the park by an ARD board member more than 28 years ago. In view of community opposition, ARD director Smith then introduced a “compromise” at the Thursday night meeting. Smith’s compromise was to reduce the semi-domestic geese population to four same-sex birds and to prohibit the importation of any more geese. Anyone knows that four same-sex geese will insure the presence of semi-domestic geese only as long as the four are alive. There was one voice of sanity on the ARD board — that of Meadow Vista resident, Gordon Ainsleigh. Ainsleigh pointed out that Meadow Vista does have predators and no one on the board considered the fact that the semi-domestic geese survive because of their numbers. Four geese probably would have little or no chance. Ainsleigh also pointed out that geese mate for life and getting rid of the geese through an adoption program and leaving four same-sex geese at the pond would break up families. My family and I have enjoyed the park and its geese for many years. I hike the park on an almost daily basis. I’ve never been “attacked,” and only on one or two occasions have I come home with a spot of goose on my shoe. A small price to pay for a wonderful park and its animals. Ric Windmiller, Meadow Vista