Let Doolittle do his job

Letter to Editor
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In reading the letters to the editor in the Colfax Record, I’ve heard complaints about the city’s hiring of John Doolittle as an advocate. In these diatribes, there have been allegations about Doolittle and alleged connections to Jack Abramoff. After an almost four year investigation, the FBI dismissed all charges against John Doolittle. In my view, the charges against Doolittle were trumped up malicious hype, and politically motivated garbage. Further, when the FBI dismissed all allegations without filing charges, it proved not only that Doolittle did nothing wrong,.but that the charges were bogus from the start. So, again, to those who are fronting baseless charges, what exactly are your motivations? Are you just that full of hate, or is there some personal grudge here? Let Doolittle do his job. And yes, we could use help on the sewer plant. I wouldn’t mind seeing a casino or even a Wal-Mart or Costco here. In these tough economic times, the city can use all the help it can get to make all our lives (literally) less taxing, plus bringing a huge economic boost to us all. Rocky Warren, Colfax