Local businesses aren't just anchored in storefronts

By: LindaLou Haines
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This column practically writes itself because there is always so much positive business news about the Colfax area. And, remember that area businesses include not only the storefront ones you see as you travel around but also the home based and Internet businesses. Your neighbor may be running a successful business out of her sun porch or at a local WiFi-connected coffee shop. So, don’t judge how local businesses are doing just by what you see downtown. News flash! We are finally having summer! That means scads of mosquitoes and other itchy characters. A new Placer-made product to fight mosquito itch is now available at MANE TAMER & CALICO PALACE, 219 Railroad St. at Oak, 346-2041. “Kiss-the-Itch-Goodbye Instant Relief for Mosquito Bite Itch” is a natural, effective formula in a convenient tube (shaped like a lip balm stick). “Natural” means peppermint, spearmint and anise. Sounds yummy, but it kills the itch fast. The product comes from Louise Dutton’s BELLA SOAP COMPANY based in Loomis. She creates natural products for folks with special skin issues. In addition to Mane Tamer, her products are available at Holiday Market in Meadow Vista. Mane Tamer owner Beth Miller also invites folks to check out her wide variety of summer hats. And, great news: licensed manicurist Heather McKenzie is back. She is seeing clients every other Thursday. Call for appointments, 346-2041. Even with gas prices coming down (thankfully!), it is still my motto and that of the Colfax business community: Shop locally! For those who enjoy thrift shopping, Colfax has a new resource. You may have noticed that the location of the former Wish List second hand shop at 745 Highway 174 is abuzz again. Recently, a neighbor from Chicago Park, Dean Varley, opened the SECOND HAND STAND at that location. He sells “collectables and other stuff,” which means construction tools, furniture, fishing gear – you name it. He buys goods from estate sales and storage shed auctions. Varley grew up in the thrift store business. His grandmother, Fay Cameron, ran the Cancer Aid Thrift store in Grass Valley for many years. He says he enjoyed helping out in the store while growing up. He welcomes shoppers and inquiries at the store, 346-6763, and to his cell, 263-6422. The store is open every day except Monday, noon to dark, unless he is hitting a sale or auction somewhere. Connie Heilaman of CONNIE’S DECORS and CONNIE’S DECORS CREATIVE CORNER CO-OP BOUTIQUE for Artists & Crafters is welcoming a new associate, DAUNINE VINING, N.C.I.D.Q., C.C.I.D.C. Vining is a former instructor of interior design at the University of Nevada, Reno. To her credit, over the years her students have won many awards. Vining has also worked in the interior design field for many years. I had a peak at her portfolio displaying some of her impressive commissions from New York City’s Park Avenue all across the country to LA. Wow! Vining recently moved to Colfax and is spending time at Connie's Decors Studio, 17 W. Church St., during library hours, 346-8101. Also, she is at the Boutique, 55 S. Main St., on Saturday afternoons. While helping out at Connie’s Decors, Vining recently won the commission to design a new California Welcome Center as it moves to the Old Fire House, 1103 High St. in Auburn. In the future the Welcome Center will be closing its current location at 13411 Lincoln Way at the Foresthill exit off I80. In every issue of the Record and the Auburn Journal there are listings of Fictitious Business Name Statements posted by entrepreneurs. Since these legal notices do not include phone numbers, I want to invite any of you folks filing such notices to contact me. Don’t assume I know how to contact you. I welcome anybody with positive business news about new businesses and existing businesses doing new things to contact me at