Measure E will save lives

Reader Input
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I have attended just about every one of the Weimar/Applegate/Colfax Municipal Advisory Council meetings for the last three years. In almost every meeting we have a presentation by Chief Ian Gow of Placer Hills Fire Agency. Chief Gow provides a spreadsheet with year-to-date activity and response times. The chief also gives a thumbnail sketch of the agency’s financial situation. Over time we have seen Placer Hills continually cut costs until there is nothing left to cut without closing stations and cutting staff, including paramedics. Medical call-outs with paramedics are the largest single category of call-out for Placer Hills Fire. For most fire department functions service response is very important. For medical calls, response time can be the difference between life and death. Without this ballot measure passing, services will be cut back resulting in longer response times. If we want medical response in time to make a difference, we are going to have to step up and support our local fire agency. Cuts in vital service may mean the difference between life or death for ourselves, our loved ones or our neighbors. Please vote yes on Measure E. Don Adams, Weimar