Montgomery's article distracts voters

Letter to Editor
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Supervisor (Jennifer) Montgomery’s pay raise article is damage control; distracting voters from her pay raise vote – just like Bruce Kranz would have voted. All she had to do was: 1) argue against pay raises and against furlough days in closed and open session; 2) vote against pay raises and furlough days in open session; 3) make motions for slashing county executive pay in open session. But, no, she voted for furloughs, against workers, even sheriff’s personnel, then voted for executive pay hikes, supporting management, some making $250,000. In 2008, she pledged non-partisanship, too, but hired her campaign manager Rob Haswell as her district field representative with county pay and benefits. Non-partisan? Haswell’s the California Democratic Party Regional One Director and a 2006 failed Democratic Assembly candidate. And now she’s replaced Haswell with another “non-partisan,” liberal Patricia Mahlberg, now in her late 70s, whom voters twice rejected for Congress 20 years ago. Where are Montgomery and the Placer Democrats’ new faces? She surrounds herself with losers? And Mahlberg had class, but now washes Montgomery’s dirty laundry, peddling pay raise spin with Haswell? Behold Team Montgomery! H.G. Valverde, Rancho Cordova