Nearly 2,000 pot plants siezed near Gold Run

By: Martha Garcia, Colfax Record Editor
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A large marijuana garden of nearly 2,000 plants was uprooted near Gold Run last month after Placer County Sheriff’s detectives discovered the pot farm from the air. During the Sept. 7 raid, a suspect was seen but eluded capture, according to Detective Steve Slattery, of the Sheriff’s Special Operations Unit. Deputies flying Falcon 30, the department’s helicopter, spotted the marijuana grow on a 350-acre parcel of undeveloped land just off of Chicago Park Powerhouse Road, east of Gold Run Road. The landowner was unaware of the illegal operation. The Special Enforcement Team of about 20 officers made an early morning raid on the garden, where they saw a suspect, whom Slattery described as a Hispanic male who fled the area on foot. The suspect left behind a shotgun, numerous shotgun shells, and what appeared to be some type of homemade explosive device. The device was inspected by the Special Operations department and determined to be inactive. The 1,924 plants were uprooted and transported to another location for destruction. Locating garden tenders is not easy, Slattery said. “Typically, its tough, because they live out there,” he said. “When we get out there we’re seeing the area for the first time.” He said suspects usually have an escape route planned. “They eventually come back and call to have the people that supply them to come and get them,” Slattery said.