Only incumbents file for city council re-election

Council has option to cancel election
By: Gloria Beverage
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Only one person pulled papers to run against Colfax City Council members Joshua Alpine, Donna Barkle and Suzanne Roberts. However, that resident was unable to obtain the necessary signatures to qualify for the ballot by 5 p.m. on Friday, noted City Clerk Karen Pierce. Since only the three incumbents had filed papers to run for re-election, California Election Code 10229 gives the city the option of canceling the council election. At Wednesday evening’s meeting, the council was expected to approve a resolution declaring the election unnecessary and appointing the incumbents to four-year terms. That decision would save the city $1,145, Pierce added. Josh Alpine Currently serving as mayor, Josh Alpine has lived in Colfax since 2002. He was appointed to the council 7-1/2 years ago when then-council member Dave Gard resigned. “Everybody was always complaining,” said the 37-year-old former Bay Area resident. “I had some experience, so I thought ‘let’s see what I can do.’ I’ve never looked back.” Alpine admits he was “on the fence” about running for re-election, but decided to stay onboard after hearing from people in the community, including “some of my biggest critics.” They told him that even though they didn’t agree with his views, they liked having him in office. In the next four years, Alpine wants to work with the community to attract families to the area while strengthening the business community. “We need to create more businesses in town. We need to provide services – everything from a place to get something to eat after 7 or 8, to a pharmacy and dry goods store. And we need to create 150 to 200 jobs that pay $60,000 or more.” In addition, he believes the city must address the needs of seniors as well as bring the youth program back. In the past couple of years, Alpine continued, the council made some tough decisions. And yet, he believes those decisions saved the city. “Now we’re ready to go to the next phase,” he said. Donna Barkle A resident of Colfax for five years, Donna Barkle decided to run for a second term because she wanted to finish what she and the other council members had started. Her “to do” list includes finishing the sewer plant, paving the streets and getting the community swimming pool rebuilt. “I want the pool to be something the community is proud of and enjoys,” she said. “And I want to see the youth program reinstated. I’m aghast at just how little support the movers and shakers have put into getting the kids off the street. It’s not fair to them (they don’t have a youth program).” Barkle, 63, moved to Colfax to be close to her parents, who live in Auburn. “My mother and I both have COPD. The air quality was better for her,” she said. “I moved up here to take care of them and fell in love with Colfax. I really love the little town ambiance, the sense of community.” Leaving the corporate world behind, Barkle decided this was the time in her life when she could give back to the community. “I really feel that politics are for the politicians,” she said. “I never have been one nor will I ever be one. I understand politics, though. And I understand how to get things done.” She believes that since she has nothing to lose and no history that she’s able to look at issues objectively and make a decision based on what is best for the whole community. Barkle is active with the Kiwanis Club and sits on the board of Colfax Pride, Inc. Suzanne Roberts On the council since November 2006, former mayor Suzanne Roberts, 63, is proud of her service to the community. . “Over the last four years I successfully worked toward implementing developer fees to help support infrastructure, completion of the wastewater treatment plant and reorganization of City Hall, which resulted in budget reductions and more efficient operations,” Roberts said. Prior to voting on any issue brought before the council, Roberts pointed out that she makes a point of studying the information provided and listening carefully to the concerns of residents who will be impacted. “People who don’t know what’s going on should come to a meeting,” she said. “Come to a meeting and ask us questions. We love an interactive meeting.” During her first term in office, she has served on the Sacramento Area Council of Government, Board of Directors and Government Relations Committee as well as the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency. She regularly attends the Weimar, Applegate, Colfax Municipal Advisory Council meetings as well as the Fire Safe Council, the Bianchini Advisory Board and numerous ad hoc committees. “Serving on these companion committees has provided me with a wealth of knowledge to support the overall interests of Colfax,” she said. A resident of Colfax since 1984, Roberts views her time on the council as a public service. “I ran to serve the community,” she said. “I don’t have any agenda. I don’t represent one group or other or one organization. My hope is to carry on my service to our community by continuing to promote fiscal responsibility and efficient city management.”