Park fowl foul pastoral picture

Reader Input
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Re “Hypocritical to remove domestic geese,” (Diana Adams, Reader Input, Aug. 1): Diana, are you kidding us? When was the last time you went to the park? Do you really like to wade though goose and duck excrement when you walk in the park? Do you really think it is healthy to have your children and/or grandchildren rolling in and playing games on grass covered in goose and duck excrement? Do you really enjoy eating a picnic with goose and duck excrement covering the ground around you and on the tables? Do you really enjoy aggressive geese and ducks pestering you while you are trying to relax and enjoy the beauty of the park? Come on! A few geese and ducks are cute. Fifty of them are an absolute nuisance. Those geese and ducks were not put there by nature. A few were planted (unwisely, I might add) when the lake was built. Maybe you haven’t lived in Meadow Vista long enough to know that the park was, not too long ago, a cow pasture with no lake. Please, let’s get back to a few geese in the park, not dozens. Deanna Wright, Meadow Vista