From pets to children, Colfax businesses show they care

By: LindaLou Haines
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Small businesses in small towns – what could be more fun? Just this week two businesses “floated” me for small purchases because I didn’t have any cash with me! They know I’ll be back with the money. But, I ask you: Would they do that at Target or Costco? As we know, Colfax loves its children and its pets, especially dogs! Here’s another Colfax business that focuses on special children: Pediatrician Susan R. Johnson, MD, FAAP, owner and chief clinician at A HEALING PLACE FOR CHILDREN in “the little yellow house,” 54 Grass Valley St., is celebrating her fifth anniversary in Colfax and 12 years in her Sacramento-area clinic. And, as with the Bear River Healing Center that I wrote about last month, my special education background gave me a real appreciation for what Dr. Susan does. Also, Dr. Susan is offering a new service for the parents of her clients. They can schedule phone appointments for questions and follow-up discussions. She brings her 22 years of experience as a behavioral and developmental pediatrician and her training as a Waldorf teacher to her work. She has a very comprehensive program, and there is too much to talk about here. However, you can go to her two websites. explains her approach to working with children and teens, who have developmental, behavioral and learning challenges and their families. Some highlights of her clinic work in Colfax include extensive age-specific screenings. These can involve testing for language and motor skills, visual and auditory processing, and cognitive development. Behavioral concerns can be assessed. And, older children might need to be tested in comprehension of reading and math skills and other academic areas. Following initial testing, a plan is developed for the family that may include holistic therapies and nutrition counseling (example, "eliminate sugar") and constitutional remedies. And, suggestions: “Disconnect; turn off all screens.” When necessary she refers out to other therapeutic specialties. However, one adjunctive therapy, biodynamic cranial osteopathy, is offered in her Colfax clinic once a week by area osteopathic physicians. The other website, is a free “library of health information about raising children and creating a healthier life” for the whole family. Her book, “Healing Our Children: A Collection of Articles for Parents” is available to the public at the Colfax Area Chamber of Commerce, 99 Railroad St. You may wonder where Dr. Susan’s passion comes from and what shifted her career from the urban hospital setting to a rural clinic for special needs children and their families. It was the birth of her own special needs child, Brendon, 18 years ago. He is thriving now. So, if your child, toddler age up to 14 or so, seems to be struggling, contact Dr. Susan at 916-638-8758 for both locations. Earlier I mentioned dogs. CANDACE’S GROOM ROOM is a new full grooming service for dogs downtown. It’s located at 56 Firehouse Alley at the intersection with Culver St. and next to the old Courthouse parking lot. Candace Friscia offers grooming, nail trims and doggie day care, but not boarding. Over the years she has worked with dogs and horses, including shows. She is available afternoon and evenings for grooming and can be reached at 613-1140. DINE N DASH, 1516 S. Canyon Way, is now serving dinner, Thursday to Saturday, 6:30 to 9 p.m. Plus, everyday, she serves breakfast and lunch, 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Call ahead for the specials, 346-1000. A changing of the guard at AMERIGAS, 210 N Canyon Way, 346-2943. Long time ¬– 33 years! – store manager, “Mayor” Tim Luckinbill retired on Sept. 30 to a big send off at the store. Our best wishes to Luckinbill and his family: Now, you can really enjoy the town you grew up in and have lived in all these years! The new manager at the Colfax store is another Colfax resident, Michael Levesque. He has been with AmeriGas since 2004 in the Grass Valley store as operations supervisor. He gets to work close to home as well now. Congratulations! New business or existing business doing something new? Contact me: