Placer County need lobbyist?

Letter to Editor
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The Placer County Board of Supervisors has approved hiring a lobbyist to go to Washington to try to bring in funds for the county’s budget problems. Why does the county need a lobbyist when we have an elected representative who can take action to address the issues of the county and district? Mr. McClintock, who appears to say “no” to everything, seems to be more interested in trashing the efforts of Congress and the President. He could be our Representative, but he isn’t. He doesn’t offer an alternative plan, except for more tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations – his rallying cry in years past — resulting in the current economic disaster.. How can we measure the failure of the policies of the past eight years? There are many, many ways, but let’s look at just one criterion. Check some of the numbers found in the U.S. Census data banks as well as analyses by researchers: in 1980. The richest one percent of Americans took home about nine percent of total national income. Since then, income has been redistributed. By 2007, the richest one- percent took home 22 percent of total national income. So McClintock is sitting back, drawing a nice salary, getting great health care, sending out ridiculous mailings using our tax dollars and saying “no” to everything. Where is the effort on behalf of our district? There is none, but I’m sure he’s planning on getting re-elected. I think we need to replace him; it’s just not soon enough to help now. PF Pen Watson, Colfax