Postmaster issues challenge to give to Salvation Army

By: Martha Garcia, Colfax Record editor
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Susan Wycoff, postmaster at the Colfax post office, is turning her decision to not allow soliciting at the post office doors into an additional fundraiser opportunity for the Salvation Army. Because she interprets US Postal Service rules and regulations as prohibiting solicitation on postal property, earlier this year Wycoff had denied the request of a service club to solicit at the post office door. She applied the same requirements to the Salvation Army request and determined the Christmastime bell ringers should set up on the sidewalk, which is a public area. The decision did not sit well with a number of Colfax residents, including Dick Wayland. “It’s wrong. It’s completely wrong,” Wayland said. “It’s cutting money from the handicapped and unemployed people that Salvation Army serves.” Wayland also feels Wycoff’s decision does not represent the citizens of Colfax well. “To me, it’s totally against what the community stands for. Colfax is a small community, well united and willing to help each other. But the attitude of the postmaster is completely wrong with what Colfax stands for,” Wayland said. Wycoff hopes her donation of $100 to the Salvation Army will help the non-profit’s programs that provides food, shelter and disaster relief. She has also issued a “postmaster challenge,” asking those who have expressed disagreement with her decision, to match her donation or to donate any amount they are able to give. Wycoff also welcomes donors to visit her when she puts in some time as a bell ringer at the Salvation Army kettle on the sidewalk near the post office from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 10. “I hope everybody who has come to see me and/or my staff with concerns are more than happy to meet my challenge to give monetary donations or give community time,” Wycoff said. “I am now a community member and I think it’s important for me to contribute to support my community. I’m hoping that as a community, that we can rise above our different views in order to better the community as a whole,” Wycoff said. Charlene Good, coordinator for the Colfax Salvation Army, said Colfax has few locations that can match the large volumes of foot traffic of the post office and Sierra Market, where the bell ringers also solicit for donations. “Even though donations at the post office appear to be somewhat less, we are very grateful for this sunny weather,” Good said. Elder bell ringers are reluctant to stand on the sidewalk in cold weather, she said. “Should it storm, we will be moving the kettle to the front of Colfax Market … where there is an awning.” According to Good, Wycoff has volunteered to ring the bell for two shifts on Saturday. “We appreciate her participation in this community effort,” Good said. Good asks that anyone interested in becoming a Salvation Army bell ringer call her at (916) 995-6209. All Colfax bell ringers are volunteers. Good said she is “grateful for anything anyone can give … We thank everyone for their generosity during this Christmas season. May your holiday season be blessed.”