Questions on mailer persist

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Colfax Mayor Steve Harvey’s reluctant admission at the Sept. 12 council meeting that he was the author of the city’s recent illegal mailer attacking the Community Center still leaves a number of questions that won’t go away until they are answered. Did Harvey donate his time to write it and then reimburse sewer ratepayers for mailing and printing costs to the entire 95713 zip code? Is there a record of that? The expenditure of public funds (that could easily have been $2000 for a mailing that large) wasn’t authorized at a public meeting, so did Harvey just tell the city manager he wanted to send out a badly written hit piece and got the ok? Is that legal? Was the rest of the council consulted? If so, when? There was no public vote, so was this action taken in closed session? Again, is that legal? Finally, what kind of Mayor attacks his city’s Community Center with a load of misinformation and outright lies? What did he hope to accomplish? Now that Harvey’s come clean, hopefully city voters will let him know in November how they feel about his engaging in such sleazy, unethical behavior on the public’s dime. Will Stockwin, Colfax