Reader believes voting in favor of Prop P 'no-brainer'

Letter to Editor
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Today I passed the sign that asks people to vote yes on Proposition P. How astounding that we need to vote on this issue. It should be a given not only for fire protection, but also for emergency aid. We are all aware of vehicle accidents and heart attacks, but how many of you know about sudden death? Yesterday I attended a lecture on sudden death given by Dr Paul Wang, director of Cardiac Arrhythmia Service and Cardiac Electrophysiology Laboratory and a professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Stanford University Medical Center. I quote: “One thousand people a day die from sudden death. That is more then heart attacks or from cancer combined. It is the most common cause of death in young athletes and is genetic in origin. It can happen to someone as young as an 8-year-old, but usually manifests in middle teens. One out of every 500 has this problem.” Dr Wang is encouraging public awareness, particularly knowing how to perform CPR as well as knowing where the AED (Automatic Emergency Defibrillator) is located. Every large facility should have one and then have a plan, like a fire escape plan. The athletes at Stanford all have had EKGs and beginning this year will be screened with an ECHO test. EMS need to be minutes away, not more. Vote yes on Proposition P for the sake of your child or your loved one. I commend Ian Gow for the impressive job he has done in Meadow Vista with the EMS program. Ellie Clark RN Applegate