Reader is upset with tree 'butchers'

Letter to Editor
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I took my four kids to Meadow Vista Park to enjoy the sunshine, the jungle gym, the breeze, the spring grass and the ancient oak trees on Friday. To my horror, I saw the same knuckle heads who butchered trees all over Meadow Vista, Applegate and Auburn, in cherry pickers with sharp objects threatening Meadow Vista’s treasured landmarks. I felt like I was watching a mugging. I didn’t stick around to see if they are more careful when ARD is paying them than they are when PG&E is paying them. If ARD is so strapped for cash they can’t afford to pay someone who is qualified to care for our precious oak trees, they should at least notify the public beforehand. I’d be happy to organize a spaghetti dinner so I don’t have to look at crownless freestanding logs at my local park. I get enough of that on Lake Arthur Road. Megan Mavy, Applegate