Record's coverage of Doolittle is valid

Letter to Editor
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In the Dec. 2 Colfax Record’s Letters to the Editor, Helen Wayland took The Record to task for covering Kevin Ring, Ex-Congressman Doolittle’s legislative aide. Helen’s issue was that the Doolittle coverage was not local news and needed to be on the editorial page. Doolittle has been placed squarely on the local news agenda since being retained as a paid lobbyist by the city of Colfax. Since Doolittle is now on the Colfax payroll, he is fair game for local news coverage — both on and off the editorial page. The problem now is since the ex-congressman was so badly damaged in financial scandals (to include his own spouse) how is Doolittle supposed to wield financial influence among his ex-peers in Congress? Were I to be Democrat, Republican or Independent, I would avoid him in the Congressional hallways! Jack Abramoff, who provided lots of gifts for Doolittle and a job for his wife, has already been convicted of bribery and is in jail. Doolittle’s aide, Kevin Ring, was also recently convicted on felony bribery charges. Doolittle and his wife were named as unindicted co-conspirators. We would have been miles ahead by taking Doolittle’s $30K Colfax retainer and using it to work on the sewer plant. As far as the attorney fees for the Edwards’ lawsuit goes, assailing attorney fees ignores the question. If, indeed, the attorney fees were inappropriate, the courts are the place for getting that fixed. But then, we all know that the courts have consistently sided with Edwards on the entire process. Maybe the city should stop pointing at Edwards and hoping for a Doolittle Fairy Godmother gift at Christmas time and get the job done. The time for fixing the sewer plant is way overdue. Alan and Dale Shuttleworth, Colfax