Rock-toss sentence wrong for teens

Reader Input
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I am a parent of a 17-year-old boy, and a good friend of Hunter (Perez) (Journal, Oct. 15). I have had the pleasure of watching him on and off the football field, had him in my home on a daily basis, and my son was in his class every day since fourth grade. He is a very good kid. He and the other boys made a very bad choice, I agree. But, to all the parents who had your kids in his home, or vice versa, if this had been one of our kids, would we feel the same? To the lawyers, the D.A., what if this was your child? Would you want him to be forever marked as a criminal at the age of 16? I am completely appalled by this, since I know plenty of grown men who do much worse and get slapped on the hand and let go! These are still children, they are not adults. Why would anyone ask to put a strike on any of these kids? Teach them a lesson, sure. But don’t ruin their whole life. Look at them ... do you think they aren’t humiliated enough? Football was their dream. That’s been taken away, as well as their reputation. We live in a very small town, and people are not likely to forget or let them forget, either. Hunter was one of my son’s first friends. Him and his mom are great people. I love him like my own, and my heart’s just broken that they have to go through this. Mr. District Attorney, can’t something else be done? Christina Thomas, Colfax