Second snowstorm to blow in tonight

Nearly a foot of snow predicted by weather expert
By: Gloria Beverage, Colfax Record Editor
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Last week’s snowstorm may have been the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Weather expert Mike Crum, a resident of Alta, predicts tonight’s storm could dump nearly one foot of snow on downtown Colfax. “Mountain passes will be a mess with four-feet of snow and about 50-mile gusts of wind over the summit,” he said. Last Thursday’s storm, by contrast, left behind about five inches of snow, which melted by the weekend. The new storm should hit hard today and Friday, Crum said, tapering off on Saturday and Sunday. “The snow level will start at 3,000 feet,” he said. “The amount could be six-inches or more, depending upon how fast it drops.” Snow levels could reach as far down the hill as Auburn and Newcastle, he continued. “Expect flurries low in the foothills,” Crum said. “Redding will get about 2 to 3 inches.” PG&E is re-allocating crews to the foothills in anticipation of this weekend’s storm, said spokesman Danny Boyles. Crews worked virtually non-stop last Thursday afternoon and evening restoring power lost during the storm. As quickly as one outage was repaired, Boyles reported, another cropped up. The first outage hit Colfax around 1:40 p.m. Power was restored to nearly 2,500 customers by 4 p.m. Barely 10 minutes later, another 1,857 customers lost power for about an hour. Ten minutes after that outage was repaired, another 1,800 customers lost power for nearly two hours. The last outage hit around 8:30 p.m., affecting 2,386 customers. Crews restored power by 11:30 p.m. In preparation for this weekend’s storm, Boyles said, “it’s always a good idea to have several days of supplies — food and water — on hand.” He also urged caution when installing generators for a back up power source. “There’s a risk, not only to the customers, but also to the crews, if they’re not put in correctly,” he said. California Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Todd Kettwig urges drivers to reduce their speed while driving on wet, snowy or ice-covered roadways. “Over the four-day holiday weekend, we were extremely busy during the storms,” Kettwig said. “Snow and traffic spin-outs/collisions, forced us to hold motorists for several hours on Thursday and Friday.  Fortunately there were only nine traffic collisions within our area of patrol, two of which were minor injury.” Always wear a seat belt, Kettwig continued, and be prepared with food, water, blankets and warm clothing when traveling in the Sierra. “Expect delays and heavy traffic during winter storms,” he said. _______ Show us your snow: Put your storm photos online.