State child well-being status plain to see

Reader Input
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I am the great-grandmother of 12 great-grandchildren and have ages 4 months to 12 years old – living in various states.
Through this recession that has hit us all very hard, their parents have not been without jobs and we have learned to help each other – and we have God in our lives. He is our mentor.
We have children 3 years old with computer intelligence. Also, they can write their ABCs clear to Z.
One of my granddaughters, the mother of a 3- year-and a 4-year-old, both girls – lost her battle to save her marriage and has struggled with two jobs to support them, so this causes a hardship on her and the girls – but she does it.
My daughter and son-in-law help her by taking care of the girls when necessary.
I can well understand why California is No. 41 on the list (“State ranked 41st for child well-being, but Placer prevails,” Journal, July 31), and I feel sorry for our children.