Students produce Colfax High magazine

The Pulse of campus culture
By: Chelsea Foster, Colfax Record Correspondent
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Colfax High School’s journalism class released its first issue of Pulse on Sept. 16. According to teacher Jean Page, the class put out a magazine with a new, modern look and quality writing, and it looks like this year will be the best yet for Pulse. Page, who teaches English, creative writing and journalism at Colfax High, expressed only pleasure at the results of their first effort. “This is an incredible class. We spent a lot of time over the summer developing ideas, going over policy and procedures,” Page said. “This is our first issue, so by the time we get into our mid-issues, we’ll be soaring.” The students in this year’s class, who range from freshmen to seniors, are exceptional writers, said Talia Panelli, a senior and one of Pulse’s editors-in-chief. Talia said she has seen better writing from this group of students than from any of the previous years she’s been involved in journalism. “We couldn’t be happier with the staff. They’re really motivated and writing great articles,” Talia said. “I’m excited about the pictures and the level of writing we’re seeing. It can only get better from here.” Along with a focus on quality articles, the class is focused on making Pulse up to date. The students have debuted a more modern design for their publication, along with a re-vamped website. “Last year we really became a magazine. It’s a lot more modern. We’re doing our best to keep up with current trends in journalism,” Talia said. Much of the modernization of the publication is the result of a new program that includes four editors in chief, as opposed to the two from previous years. Gary Root, a senior and one of the four editors-in-chief, said that this new way of doing things is working out great. Each editor can really focus on his or her specialty: design, web, business, photography. “It’s a little different this year with four editors in chief. Usually we agree on everything, and it’s nice to spread out the responsibilities between us. We can really get a lot done,” Gary said. Editor-in-chief and senior Alex Bonser, who is focusing on developing the website, is excited about the interactive site. “We overhauled our website. We’ve got comment sections, and we’re trying to replicate a modern online newspaper with the format and information we include,” Alex said. Gary explained that the website gives students a place to publish the work that didn’t fit in the printed publication. They are also working on including more breaking news. “We’re trying to do more with breaking news and sports stories. You can go online and see the scores and updates on all the games,” Gary said. This year’s premier issue, with a “Back to School” theme, includes profiles of new staff; a piece on fashion trends; articles that showcase the new directions of clubs, drama class and varsity band; and details on the elimination of the senior project, as well as other articles. The theme ties everything in the issue to a common thread. “We decided to start using themes to provide some cohesiveness for our magazines,” Gary said. Upcoming issues will have themes like health, freedom and giving back. Freshman staff writer Mariah Schnittger said that the themes have really captured the students’ attention. “I like the theme, ‘Back to School.’ There were so many things that tied in to that theme, like the article on clothes and fashion. Health is the next issue, and there should be some pretty interesting pieces for that one,” Mariah said. The talented writers of this year’s Pulse staff are looking forward to the upcoming year with high expectations for a modern, quality publication. Right from the start, this year seems to be something special, according to Gary, for whom this will be the fourth year of journalism class. “I’ve seen this program develop, and it’s just getting better and better,” he said. The journalism class publication can be viewed online at: