Students ready for the real world

Letter to Editor
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I wonder if our students are prepared not for college, but for the cruel, harsh reality of our world of either sorrow or good times.. I support and love my daughter, who has graduated from Colfax High School, but is she prepared beyond high school? Well, I think she is because her parents have prepared her. My advice to my daughter: First, set standards higher than you think and second, invest, invest, invest. Take at least $100 and invest in stocks that you know will make a profit (like electricity). When searching for a job, don’t settle for a burger job, but go for the dental or medical position. In 2009 the economy looks bad, but only you can change the outcome. I think our children need to be told life is what you make of it. So many do not even know how to balance a simple checkbook (how sad). Our children know how to spend money, but many of them do not know how to make nor invest money. Do they even know what the word invest means? I think the only people who can really prepare our future youth are parents not the schools. I congratulate the Class of 2009 and wish you all good health and good fortune. Kathy Ekkelboom, Gold Run