Supervisors should be ashamed

Letter to Editor
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Item number 3 on the June 23 agenda of the Board of Supervisors meeting was the consent agenda. Supervisor Uhler made a motion to approve. Supervisor Weygandt seconded the motion and with no discussion, the motion was unanimously passed! Not one of the other three supervisors challenged one of the consent items, which was the 5 percent merit raises for seven individuals. All county employees were asked to give up one day a month. It’s noble these seven were included in the monthly furlough. However, those front-line employees did not receive a 5 percent raise that I remember reading about. Good thing for us that the sales tax went up 1 percent in April to help cover these raises, eh? I don’t begrudge anyone a raise of any kind as a reward for doing exemplary work. At this time though, I don’t believe it to be a morally correct thing to accept the raise when services are being reduced for those needing help. So my question is, why didn’t any of the supervisors pull the item for discussion? Each supervisor owes their constituents an explanation as to why they at least did not abstain from voting on this item. And they need to look back to last month’s election results and the loud message delivered with that vote. Ken Delfino, Colfax