Swart offers more experience, leadership

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We will soon be voting for a new Placer County superintendent of schools. As an individual trustee of the Placer County board of education, I ask your support of David Swart in the coming June 6 election. David Swart has over 30 years of high level, responsible and proven administrative leadership in education. Being vitally concerned about the critical need of the most effective leadership possible, I researched the candidates' backgrounds and found David Swart to exceed his opponent in all aspects of the duties required of this position. He has by far greater breadth and depth of successful experiences. His opponent promotes her superintendency. Are you aware that she has been the superintendent of a small elementary district of a little over 400 students for just three years? She has only approximately eight years of educational experience in total. The needs of our school districts and children demand a more seasoned, experienced leader. The Placer County Office of Education is staffed with extremely competent managers and staff. They are capable and will continue making their outstanding contributions and support to our schools. It will take leadership and managerial experience to maintain this high level of performance by a proven team of professionals. David Swart is the best candidate to provide a proven history and record of sound management and leadership gained in his 30 plus years in the educational field. His commitment to the education and support of all children, fiscal experience and curriculum expertise, make him the most outstanding candidate by far. I urge your support of David Swart, for county superintendent of schools in this June 6 election. Donald A. Brophy, trustee, Placer County Board of Education