Take care behind the wheel of a car

Reader Input
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This will be a first for me. I usually keep my thoughts to myself, but on my way to work the other morning there was a doe that had been hit in the middle of the road. She wasn?t dead yet. It looked like her back was broken and she was trying to get off the road. No one came to put her down and she was still there when I drove back home that afternoon. She finally died that night. I live in Georgetown, work in Auburn. I drive that road five days a week and sometimes more, at all times of day and night. It never fails that I watch people drive too fast, passing cars on blind corners, just to get to the light seconds before the other guy. My driver?s education teacher was every clear ? when you are behind the wheel you are driving a deadly weapon. It is our responsibility to act as such. This last weekend I spent my sixth year without my son on what would have been his 35th birthday. It?s been six years since he was run over by not one but three cars. Every time I see a dead animal in the road I see my son. I realize that there are times that no matter how hard we try, accidents happen. But why stack the deck? Slow down, leave earlier or just tell yourself I?m going to be late and enjoy the ride. There?s not a day goes by that I don?t think of Conrad and how much I miss him. I pray that no one else has to feel the pain I feel because of someone being in a hurry. Mary Hazelwood, Georgetown