Time for change with city hall, city council

Letter to Editor
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It’s time for change at city hall. This city council has refused to hold anyone accountable for the over due and over budget sewer plant. Anyone but the ratepayers, that is. And now they say a 65 percent rate increase is the only option. An increase that steep is more than many people will be able to pay, especially now that the economy has tanked. Does the council even care? It didn’t have to happen this way. If council members had done their job, if they had listened to those who tried to tell them, the sewer plant could have been built on time, at a more affordable cost. Yet, the city council has tried to blame everyone but themselves and their expensive consultants for missing the deadline. The council has left ratepayers with only one remedy, which is to vote the incumbents out of office on Nov. 4. Elizabeth Armando Colfax