Too many of our military still missing in action

Letter to Editor
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I want to thank you very much for the article on the VFW POW/MIA program – front page, yet! At our POW/MIA meeting, we reviewed an article on the current list of POW/MIA from Iraq and Afghanistan. Of the 46 listed as POWs, nearly half were discovered to have been tortured, then executed. Even the Japanese — well known for their horrible treatment of Allied prisoners — were not this bad. While in the military I carried a Geneva Convention card to help ensure I would not be poorly treated. This card, and the international agreement means absolutely nothing to these monsters. Yet, we get jammed for pulling panty hose over their POW heads? Figure that! We still have nearly 87,500 servicemen we can’t find —that’s from World War I to present. A lot of parents cried a lot of tears over that. Some still cry. Again, thanks for your work. Tom Mason, Colfax