Train, horn sound is 'wonderful'

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Re: “Railroad becomes a nightmare,” Colfax Record, Jan. 26: I can’t sleep tonight thinking about all the hatred you have for trains building up inside you. Why move from a railroad town to a town that celebrates its trains with Railroad Days every year? The railroad built this town. You should have studied Colfax history before you moved here. I don’t know of any business that has left Colfax because of the trains. Amtrak actually brings business to Colfax by stopping here twice daily. The travelers have the opportunity to shop in our local businesses and spread the word to others of the great things they found here and the friendly people they have met. There must be a place for you to live that is far away from everything annoying. Hopefully you find it and find the happiness that we who live in Colfax have found. It is 1:00 a.m. and I hear the horn of a wonderful train passing through Colfax. Now I can sleep. Peggy Tobias, Colfax