Treasures from 1880s found

On display at Colfax Library
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The Colfax Branch Library will be closed starting Tuesday and continuing through Monday, Jan. 25 to allow library staff to move the collection to the newly remodeled side of the building. When the library reopens on Jan. 26, a smaller collection and fewer Internet computers will be available. Wireless access should also be available. The library will operate in this reduced mode until the remodel project is completed in the spring, at which time it will close again for a short period of time while the books, materials, furnishing, and equipment are installed in their final locations. The completely remodeled library could be open in April. While the library is closed, a book drop for returning library materials will be available. No other services will be available. The closest branch libraries are Applegate on Applegate Road and Meadow Vista at 16981 Placer Hills Road.