Two Gaines turns out to be our loss

Letter to Editor
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I don?t care how Ted Gaines tries to spin his running for two seats. He didn?t have to. What, he couldn?t help himself from running for both state Assembly and Senate? Our county is spending almost a million dollars in three special elections just to pay for Gaines? greediness. He pulled a fast one so he could stay in the California Legislature longer than his Assembly term limits allowed by simultaneously running for the late Cox?s state Senate seat. If this is fiscal conservatism I?ll eat my hat! While Ted Gaines may be excited about a Gaines dynasty in the California Legislature with his wife, Beth, running for his abandoned Assembly seat, just keep telling everyone, ?Two Gaines? is our loss!? Assembly candidate Dennis Campanale, while new to politics, has way more public service experience than Gaines? wife, and is the better choice. Campanale is a retired fire chief, having served over 35 years. He was the director for the California Association of Professional Firefighters and a trustee for the National Police and Firefighters Benefit Association. During his career he has dealt with emergency situations from hazardous materials responses to Homeland Security events and networked with Assembly members of both parties. Leslye Janusz, Auburn