US politics are engaging to others

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Okay, I'm in Denmark. I will spend the whole week here visiting my son, daughter-in-law and grandson. I will see the election results from Europe. I am again reminded how other countries stay engaged in our political process. Articles referencing the interest in China and elsewhere.

I recall being in Italy four years ago when Obama won; it was Rome's headline. While we at home are sick of the ads and the drama; other countries can't get enough and are envious. Regardless the outcome, we as Americans should be proud of the civil way (though many of us believe it uncivil) we conduct our political process, governance and the civilian control of our military. And the stature it brings to other countries.

While most Americans can't name one European leader let alone the candidates for the position, Europeans are much more involved and very knowledgeable in our political process and how the electoral college works. Albeit, they seem more engaged than many Americans. Perhaps we can put some of the savings from two wars into education.

Tom Dunipace, Colfax