We could all learn from city of Berkeley

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The city of Berkeley is implementing a financing program to fund renewable energy facilities (like solar) at no cost to the taxpayer. Similar to a financing district, Berkeley allows its residents to voluntarily enter into an agreement to borrow money to purchase these energy facilities. The money is then repaid as part of their property tax bill. There is absolutely no cost to those who do not want to participate. The program is 100 percent self-funding and does not raise taxes. This program overcomes the two biggest obstacles to purchasing renewable energy facilities, the upfront cost and the uncertainty associated with the prospect of selling one’s property at some future date. Not only is this a benefit to individual homeowners, but it also benefits all of us in California by stimulating the economy and creating tax revenue. We will also gain a measure of energy independence, which we all recognize as being so important. All jurisdictions, if not the entire state, would do well to adopt similar programs. Rick Kooi Auburn