Weimar felons arrested on weapons possession, stolen property charges

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Two Weimar felons were still in jail Thursday afternoon after an incident in which a concerned neighbor reported a man walking down the street with a gun. Neighbors reported Daniel James Meyer, 25, to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday morning before 10 a.m., said Dena Erwin, spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Office. “A neighbor called us in the morning, and it was along Placer Hills Road near West Weimar Cross Road,” Erwin said Thursday. “(It was) a report of a man walking down the street with a gun on his back. We had deputies out there and a helicopter was out there already, so they helped us look. A deputy was driving up and down and eventually saw a guy poking his head out of a bush. He came out of the bush. They called him out and they arrested him.” Meyer was booked on a charge of being a felon allegedly in possession of a firearm, Erwin said. Although an anonymous neighbor said he heard gunshots when deputies were on the scene, Erwin said no shots were fired once the Sheriff’s Office responded. “Neighbors did report hearing a shot fired early in the morning,” Erwin said. “We don’t know if that was him. Once we got up there, there were no shots fired.” Erwin said Meyer allegedly stashed the shotgun at his friend’s house and deputies recovered it there. Erwin said deputies arrested another Weimar resident Thursday from Meyer’s friend’s house: Robert Charles Frazier, 44. Fellow resident Rachel E. Lawrence, 23, was issued a promise to appear notice due to medical issues. Deputies arrested Frazier for alleged possession of a stolen quad and being a felon in alleged possession of ammunition and illegal weapons. Lawrence is being charged with being a felon allegedly possessing illegal weapons and ammunition. Lawrence also had a $15,000 warrant for possession of a controlled substance, Erwin said. Erwin said both Frazier and Lawrence were on probation. The illegal weapons included a sawed off shotgun and a billy club, Erwin said. As of Thursday afternoon, Meyer was in custody in Placer County Jail with a $45,000 bail and Frazier was in custody with an $80,000 bail. ~Bridget Jones